How to Change Your Address with the DVLA

It is thought that there are over 2.5 Million driving licences with an out of date address. If you get stopped by a Police Officer, and you haven’t taken the time to inform the DVLA of a change of address, then you risk incurring a £1,000 fine. It is free to change your address with the DVLA and you can so it as many times as you like. New licences will be issued for free by the DVLA after you have provided the requisite information.The DVLA dedicated telephone number for licence change of address 0843 133 7178

How to change the address on your driving licence with the DVLA

It’s easy to replace your address using the online system that the DVLA have in place. Nevertheless, most of the time it’ll make your life simpler by using the dedicated telephone number for DVLA change of address. This way you can ensure that your application has been dealt with accordingly. While doing so, you will be able to ask any queries you might have regarding your driving licence. Generally, things are going to be a little easier for you when you speak to a real person. It reduces much of the confusion. 0843 133 7178

Why You Need to Update Your Home Address on your Driving Licence

When you update your address with the DVLA, there will be adjustments made to the following:

  • The address on your driving licence.
  • Your vehicle logbook address (V5C) will be kept up to date.
  • There will be a new billing address for all payments you will want to make to the DVLA.

Very Important

DVLA change of address LogoIt is vital that all this information is kept up to date. It means that any communication related to your licence is delivered to the right address. For instance; if you are unlucky enough to be caught by a speed camera, you need to know so that you will be able to pay off your fine or contest the fee. By changing your address, you will additionally be able to make certain that any notices about the renewal of your licence or vehicle tax will be delivered to your address. The last thing you want to do is miss these as it may mean having to pay huge fines!

You also have to ensure that your vehicle is registered to the correct address for insurance policy purposes.

You should note that if you don’t advise the DVLA as soon as possible of your address change, you’ll be given a fine of as much as £1,000. It is going to be incredibly tough to challenge this fine, meaning that you are going to be left drastically out of pocket! Naturally, there is going to be a small grace time period for the amount of time that you will have to update your driving licence information, but this is not going to be a lot of time, therefore we do suggest that the instant you know that something is going to change with your circumstances, you give the DVLA a telephone call on 0843 133 7178. At least you can say you have that out of the way and it doesn’t need to be done again.

Other Important Reasons To Contact The DVLA About Your Driving Licence

Changing the address of driving licences is the most common reason that people telephone the DVLA. However, as well as informing the DVLA of your change of address, there are a number of other important issues that may mean you need to contact the DVLA.

Renewing Your Driving Licence with the DVLA

Many motorists may not realise that since the introduction of the photo driving licence in 1998, the driving licence has a 10-year expiry date. This is especially true for older motorists who passed their test before that date that were issued with a paper licence, that did not have an expiry date.

Driving with an expired or out of date driving licence can mean a fine of up to £1000, and so ensuring your licence is up to date and valid is vitally important. To renew your licence you may need to complete a form and send it to DVLA, however, if you have had a passport issued within the last 5-years, the process is much simpler. DVLA licence telephone number 0843 133 7180

Change Your Name on Your Driving Licence

It has been found that 3% of married women had an out-of-date name on their licence – which could incur a £1,000 fine. Although not very romantic, informing the DVLA of your new married name should be on your wedding planning checklist. The change of address telephone number will also be able to provide assistance with changing your name on your DVLA driving licence 0843 133 7178

The same process applies to if you are changing your title eg. from ‘Miss’ to ‘Mrs’ or ‘Ms’ to ‘Dr’. Please note that the process differs in Northern Ireland. You can still drive while you wait for your new licence.

It doesn’t cost anything to change your name on your driving licence. 0843 133 7178

Declaring Medical Conditions to the DVLA

Direct Line Car Insurance recently revealed that an estimated 3.4 million drivers in England and Wales failed to disclose relevant medical conditions to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). If you are involved in an accident any claim on your car insurance could be invalidated if you have an undisclosed medical condition or your eyesight doesn’t meet the legal minimum requirement and you haven’t notified the DVLA. DVLA Medical Telephone Number 0843 133 7183

Every situation, medical condition and insurance claim are unique, but if you have a medical condition then check with DVLA – ignoring the issue or keeping your condition a secret simply isn’t worth the risk.

The most common reasons for notifying DVLA of medical conditions are:

  • Epilepsy
  • Strokes
  • Other neurological and mental health conditions
  • Physical disabilities
  • Visual impairments

For a full list of medical conditions that you should inform the DVLA click here.

DVLA Licence Text Messages and Email

Police have issued a warning urging people to beware of scam emails, texts and telephone calls claiming to be from the DVLA.

The messages usually contain links to a website that has been mocked up to look like an official DVLA online service.

The DVLA does not send emails or text messages with links to websites asking people to confirm personal details or payment information.

If you believe that you may have received such a text, do not reply to the text or interact with it in any way. If you receive an email, again do not hit any of the links, do not download any attachments.

A statement on the official government website states:

We’re aware that some members of the public are receiving emails, texts and telephone calls claiming to be from DVLA. Links to a website mocked up to look like a DVLA online service are sometimes included in the message. We don’t send emails or text messages with links to websites asking you to confirm your personal details or payment information. We strongly advise anyone who receives such a request not to open the link and delete the item.

The government, led by Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service (GDS), will continue to investigate reports of organisations which may be actively misleading users about their services or acting illegally, taking swift action when necessary

If you are unsure in any way, telephone the DVLA on 0843 133 7178 or telephone the relevant department from the list below:

DVLA Contact Numbers

DVLA Contact Number0843 133 7184
DVLA Medical Contact Number0843 133 7183
DVLA Tax Contact Number0843 133 7182
DVLA Tax Refund Contact Number0843 133 7181
DVLA Licence Contact Number0843 133 7180
DVLA Contact Number Lost Licence0843 133 7179
DVLA Contact Number Change of Address0843 133 7178
DVLA Contact Number SORN0843 133 7177
DVLA Private Plate Contact Number0843 133 7176
DVLA Driving Test Contact Number0843 133 7175

This is a connection service. 0843 Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. 0872 Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Contact Them is not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website. Callers must be over the age of 18.

Write to DVLA:

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA),
Longview Road,