Is Sky Cinema Worth the Additional Cost?

Contact Sky Cinema Through Sky Cinema Customer Services UKOver an 18-month contract, Sky Cinema can be added to your Sky package from as little as £10 a month and for that, you get over 1,000 movies a month. That equates to about 1p a movie.

With Sky Cinema you can enjoy a new premiere movie every day and choose and enjoy over 1,000 movies that are available on demand. All in stunning HD and with crystal clear audio.

Adding Sky Cinema to the new Sky Entertainment package, which comes with even more channels than before means you have in the palm of your hand, the best dramas, documentaries, comedies and music, as well as the hottest movies.

Taking the Sky Cinema package over an 18-month contract, you can save over 40% against the normal price, however, is the Sky Cinema package worth the extra cost? If you like your movies, the answer is an emphatic “yes”! Disney classics to horror classics, feel-good romance to an edge of your seat thrillers – there is a genre of film for every movie buff. Connect your broadband to your sky box and you have over 1,000 (more like 1,200) films to choose to watch, pause and rewind on demand.

How much extra does Sky Cinema cost for existing Sky TV customers? Sky Cinema will cost just an extra £10 a month if you already subscribe to a Sky TV package. For new customers looking to join sky the advertised price for the Sky Cinema bundle is £30 a month, however, when we called Sky Cinema by telephone we were able to haggle that price down. 0843 133 7194

There are alternative ways to watch the latest movies on Sky Cinema without taking a subscription with Sky.

If you are unsure about committing to an 18-month contract for Sky Cinema, there are other providers who offer Sky Cinema as part of their packages. Virgin Media, BT TV and Talk Talk TV all allow you to subscribe to Sky Cinema. Now TV has a low cost, no contract option to buy Sky Cinema, although you are limited in terms of recording or downloading films to multiple devices. It does, however, allow you to stream Sky Cinema to any device, be it a TV or mobile device. The cost of Sky Cinema can vary dramatically depending on the provider you choose, your current package with them and how long is left on your contract (they may try and tie you into a new contract end date in exchange for a lower subscription cost for Sky Cinema.

If I purchase Sky Cinema, can I add Sky Sports as well?

As with most sky packages, you can select what you add and Sky Sports is no exception. It will not be a surprise that the sports channels such as Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Football, Sky Cricket, Sky Golf, Sky Arena, Sky Action, Sky Main Event or Sky Formula 1 are not included in the Cinema package, however you can add specific sport channels or the whole Sky sport package to a Sky Cinema package at a reduced cost.

However, if you are a fan of premier league football or Champions League and are hoping to get BT Sport thrown in, you are going to be disappointed. BT Sport will need an additional payment.

As standard, the films are not available in HD, however, you can choose to pay a little extra and get almost all of the films in HD and/or a limited number in 3D. More and more films and entertainment shows for that matter are available in Ultra HD. Subscribing to the “HD Pack” for a small cost opens up all films and TV shows to HD. Again it may be worth discussing this with Sky when negotiating your package. 0843 133 7194 We think it is worth the extra investment, or time haggling, to get the HD bundle and the full cinematic experience.

What is included with the Sky Cinema bundle package?

The latest Cinema package is based upon the original ‘entertainment” or “Sky TV” bundle. This includes all of the most popular channels available on Sky, such as Sky Atlantic, which shows the best of the dramas from the USA. The latest technology, Sky Q, allows you to link multi-room devices, pause on one TV and un-pause on another TV or watch live TV, watch on-demand movies or your recorded programmes on mobile devices bu using the Sky Q app (you need to be on the same wifi signal)

When on the move you can watch live TV, record shows and more with the “Sky Go” app, assuming, of course, you have a 3G/4G/Wifi connection on your mobile device. So, for a few extra pounds a month (which equates to about 33p a day) you have the best of the shows on TV and the latest movies to keep you entertained.

Now TV Versus Sky Cinema: Which is best?

Every film buff worth their salt will want the latest movies available at the touch of a button. And every film buff knows that the best way to watch the best movies in the UK is with Sky Cinema

However, is it best to simply subscribe to Sky Cinema by adding it to your existing or a new Sky contract or taking a subscription for Sky Cinema through Now TV?

Which subscription method is the best for choice, convenience and cost?

If you are trying to decide the best way to subscribe to Sky Cinema then check out our guide.

Now TV Versus Sky Cinema Sky Cinema Vs Now TV: Costs

As mentioned above, the cost of a Cinema package from Sky themselves starts at £10 a month and depending on extras, such as the HD bundle, and your haggling skills over the telephone, this can be as much as £25 a month. Compare this to Now TV Sky Cinema package, which is only £9.99 a month. That is a great price, but bear in mind you will need a device to watch Now TV on, such as a Now TV box, stick or using the Now TV app on your Smart TV.

Our Verdict: Sky Cinema through an existing Sky package or Now TV rather than a new Sky contract.

Sky TV Vs Now TV: Availability

As previously mentioned, if you already subscribe to Virgin Media, BT TV or Talk Talk TV you can add Sky Cinema (usually at a better price than offered by Sky themselves). That subscription will then usually allow you to watch movies on the go, with the relevant app for your provider, on a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or games console. On the other hand, if you choose the lower cost option of choosing Now TV as your provider you can only watch on a Smart TV or use a Now TV box, as well as on mobile devices and games consoles.

Our Verdict: Both Sky Cinema through Sky Go and Sky Q and the ways to watch Now TV are both excellent and cannot be split.

Sky TV Vs Now TV: On Demand Choices

This one is easy as Sky Cinema and Now TV both have the complete library of films available on demand. Now TV does allow you to add films to a watch list which is very handy when you are searching for a film to watch with the family and see one you would rather watch alone or just the adults.

Our Verdict: Although the “watch later” option is great on Now TV, with a full library available on both Now TV and Sky Cinema, we have another tie.

Sky TV Vs Now TV: Quality of the Picture & Sound

At the time of writing, Now TV allows you to stream in 720p HD on most devices. This is DVD standard quality and on a big TV screen, the quality is pretty good. If you have the Now TV stick, you have access to HD streaming. It is reported that the rest of us will have full HD by the end of 2018.

On the other hand, Sky Cinema through Sky is full HD quality for pretty much the whole library of films. Sky Cinema has the edge with regard to audio as well.

Most NOW TV output is delivered in stereo, whereas Sky Cinema offers a full surround sound audio (dependent on how the film was recorded or remastered)

Our Verdict: For full HD and surround sound – Sky is the “sound” choice (sorry!)

Sky TV Vs Now TV: More Than Just Films

With Now TV you can subscribe to the “Entertainment Pass” which gives you the vast majority of the channels available through Sky. A Now TV box also gives you access to BBC iPlayer, Sky News, BBC Sport, Facebook, Spotify and other catch-up services.

With Sky Cinema, through Sky, you only get the films, however, you do have access to all the live channels as well.

Our Verdict: For easy access to all of your channels in one place, recording and watch later – Sky Cinema has the edge for “more than just films”

Sky TV Vs Now TV: The Overall Verdict

To watch live film channels, channels dedicated to a character or genre, full HD and surround sound and Sky is the clear winner. If cost is the primary issue, then Now TV is the choice for you as, although you get so much more with Sky, it is more expensive than Now TV, unless, as we have mentioned before you get on the phone with Sky Cinema and haggle. 0843 133 7194

If you are unsure, then the contract-free option through Now TV is the definite choice. Sky will give you the best price for an 18-month contract, whereas Now TV doesn’t have a contract and can be cancelled by giving 30-days notice. If you are not sure if you would get enough use from either service then consider taking advantage of the free 14-day trial offered by Now TV and if you are not watching enough movies to justify the £9.99 cancel before the end of the trial and you don’t pay a penny.

What is the difference between Sky Movies and Sky Cinema?

Here are the reasons we believe that the “new” Sky Cinema is better than Sky Movies

Improved HD Quality and Sound

With the launch of Sky Cinema came a new video format that according to Sky offered “a third more pixels and four times the number of colour shades” Although for most medium specification TV’s this won’t make a considerable difference, those with a higher spec TV may notice a more vibrant picture and more detail, even though it is unlikely to deliver 33% more pixels.

What is definitely noticeable is the improved audio with Sky Cinema, especially those with a surround sound set-up. The “bangs” are louder and the “whispers” quieter, giving the sound engineers the flexibility to really use the direction of surround sound to it’s best capabilities. Quieter whispers? I hear you ask. What we mean is the dynamic range of the sound is greater at the bottom and top end of the audio. Imagine a helicopter approaching the enemy base. Your surround sound can bring it in behind you from further away, building the sound (and anticipation). Then it releases its missiles with a sharp swoosh and when they find their target the explosion puts you in the heart of the action. Dynamic range.

More New Films & Bigger Library

Fed up with watching your favourite film every month? With Sky Cinema a new premiere is released every day, so you have a new movie to watch each evening. A new film every day, but how big are the films? So far, they seem to be blockbusters! Or at least cinema worthy movies. Not every film will be your choice, but they are big films, released daily.

And don’t worry if today’s film is not to your liking, there is a library of 1,200 films available on demand

More Small Films and World Cinema

As well as the Hollywood blockbusters you would expect from a main steam movie channel, they try to appeal to the culture vulture as well. With “World Cinema” and local British films, as well as Sky’s own independent films, there is enough variety for all film lovers.

With “award-winning” and “artistically acclaimed” films (a film reviewers code for “more art than entertainment”) as well as recently released blockbusters – Sky Cinema crosses all movie boundaries.

Dedicated Channels

Sky Movie customers will be familiar with the “Christmas movie festival” and it is a great idea that Sky has expanded on.

A month of James Bond, Pixar, Tom Hanks or Star Trek movies? All the movies from a studio, featuring a character or starring an Actor.

Sky Cinema Feedback

We scoured the internet for genuine answers to the question “Is Sky Cinema worth the extra cost” – this is what we found:

“I think it is, yes. It’s the price of one cinema ticket a month and there’s always something to watch. Plus there’s the Xmas channel!”

“I think it’s worth it. I hate downloading for a start and you can watch the “free” films (not the Box Office ones obviously) any time on catch up”

“I don’t think it is. When we moved we downgraded and haven’t really missed it, or the sports channels. I suppose for us we decided we would rather spend the extra on something else (and I get heavily subsidised cinema tickets so that doesn’t make a difference).”