SSE Tariffs explained

Scottish and Southern Electricity offers a range of energy tariffs that puts you firmly in control of your spending and protects you against future price rises with a variety of fixed term choices.

Not only that, but they’re simple to sign up to and there’s a tariff to suit everyone.

1 Year Fixed

Our cheapest priced energy tariff comes with a 1 year fixed protection against price rises. With this plan, you have the comfort of knowing you’re on lowest monthly tariff and it enables you to fix the amount you pay for the shortest term of 12 months.

2 Year Fixed

With prices fixed for 24 months, this tariff is no more expensive than the 1 year fixed plan, but it allows for a doubling of the term you’re protect for. Also, right now, sign up for an SSE 2 year fixed plan and you will get a £25 Amazon gift card for each of the fuel you have with them. Take both gas and electricity plans and you’ll get a whopping £50 to spend on exactly what you like!

3 Year Fixed

Should you wish to fix your energy prices for the longest term possible, SSE offer a 3 year fixed term tariff. Commit yourself for 36 months and not only will you not pay any more than a standard tariff user, but you will also be rewarded with that same commitment to protect you from paying more for the extended period.

SSE not only offer great money-saving tariffs, but have UK based call centres and if you pay by direct debit, you’ll save another £80 per year.

Protect yourself for 1,2 or 3 years with SSE and you can kiss goodbye to paying through the nose for your gas and electricity. What’s more, when smart meters are available in your area, you will receive an automatic notification and then you can really start to save money on your energy bills. If you have any questions, the SSE Customer Services are very helpful, just give them a quick call on the SSE Contact Number.