How to Report a Leak with Thames Water

When you spot a water leak ,either in the street or elsewhere, it’s imperative that you don’t assume that someone else has made the call to report it. Every second taken getting it fixed can waste thousands of gallons of water and the first step to getting that done, is by letting Thames Water know about the problem.

You can report a leak either by calling the Thames Water 24 hour ‘Leak Line’ on 0800 714 614 or via textphone service also available for the hard of hearing on 0800 316 9898. Or you can use the Thames Water Contact Number.

Alternatively, you can report it online by visiting this link, which takes you to the Thames water online ‘report a link’ form for you to fill out. It’s easy and intuitive and gets the message to the people who need to know in double quick time.


However, before you make the call, there are few things you need to consider, which may change what your best course of action is:

  • Should the leak come from inside your property, it may be your responsibility. Check for a list of approved plumbers if this is the case
  • If it’s not inside your property, but it is on your land, there may be assistance available. Again check with the water company to confirm the situation
  • If the leak isn’t from a mains supply, but from a sewerage pipe, the need to call becomes that much more urgent

There are reasons other than a leak that it would be helpful to notify Thames Water and they include alarms at Thames Water treatment plant or other sites and noisy or missing manhole covers. If you’re not sure, make the call. It won’t hurt anything.

Thames Water has 20,000 of pipes across the Thames Valley and London area and they supply more than an average of 2000 litres of water each week to their 9,000,000 customers. That roughly equates to 2.6 million litres per day, so with this much water across that many miles of pipeline, leakages are going to happen.

Do your part by notifying the relevant parties whenever you spot a leak and you’ll be helping to conserve water for everyone.